Releasing Morpho-Compound

08 Jun 2022
Paul Frambot

After a year of research, development, and fine-tuning, we are very proud to release Morpho's Protocol, which introduces several new concepts to DeFi.

Morpho is a lending pool optimizer. It means that by using Morpho, one upgrades its positions on lending protocols such as Compound or AAVE with Peer-to-Peer liquidity. Today, we are announcing Morpho-Compound.

Morpho-Compound Live

Why use Morpho-Compound?

Morpho-Compound is an optimized gateway to Compound. If you use Morpho-Compound instead of Compound directly, you will improve your rates significantly for both borrowing and supplying liquidity.

Any Tradeoffs?

Morpho-Compound preserves the same experience, the same liquidity, and the same liquidation parameters as the underlying pool.

If one wants to borrow one billion dollars from Morpho-Compound today, this is possible as Morpho taps into Compound's liquidity. Morpho-Compound's collateral factors and oracles directly mirror the on-chain Compound's parameters to mimic the liquidation risk.

You can check out Morpho's codebase on GitHub and the Trail of Bits audit report.

How does it work?

Learn more about Morpho by taking a look at our White Paper or our Documentation. Our Yellow Paper is available here, but if you have more specific questions, you can reach out to us on our Discord directly.

Here is the Link to the app: compound.morpho.xyz