Morpho is landing on Instadapp!

14 Nov 2022
Morpho Labs

After a lot of hard work behind the scenes, we are excited to announce the integration of Morpho into Instadapp, the premier DeFi smart-contract wallet!

instadapp integration

About Instadapp

Instadapp provides smart accounts (non-custodial smart contract wallets) designed to leverage the full potential of DeFi. The Instadapp protocol is the middleware connecting multiple DeFi protocols into one flexible smart contract layer.

Instadapp smart accounts provide users access to the most popular decentralized protocols and advanced strategies through a single interface. Users can also manage and optimize positions across the entire suite of available protocols.

instadapp user interaction

DeFi can quickly become overwhelming when managing multiple positions of various assets in different protocols. Instadapp solves this. No more managing bookmarks, a multitude of individual positions, or worrying about interacting with a scam website. The platform unlocks a safe, simplified, and seamless DeFi experience.

Unlocking new features for Morpho users

This integration allows Morpho users to manage multiple positions in a one click. Instadapp also enables new features that were not natively possible on app.morpho.xyz. Those include:

  • Collateral swap
  • Debt swap
  • (De)Leverage
  • Deposit & Borrow / Payback & Withdraw
instadapp dashboard

👉 Head over to defi.instadapp.io/morpho to get started with Morpho on Instadapp!

Unlocking more efficiency for Instadapp users

If you already own an Instadapp smart account, you can now use Morpho!

Morpho is a lending pool optimizer backed by a16z and Variant. It is a peer-to-peer layer on top of lending pools like Compound or Aave. Rates are seamlessly improved for suppliers and borrowers while preserving the same liquidity and risk parameters.

So if you are using Compound/Aave on Instadapp, in a few clicks, you can enhance your lending yields or reduce borrowing costs by migrating your position to Morpho-Compound/Morpho-Aave.

Moving multiple positions may still be tedious but don't worry; in a few days, Instadapp will release a brand new feature for Morpho.

👉 Join us on our Twitter Space tomorrow at 4:30 UTC / 11:30 ET to find out more. You can set a reminder here.

Developing Morpho's Accessibility

The Instadapp integration is broadening Morpho's accessibility. Not only does Instadapp's front-end provide additional features compared to app.morpho.xyz, but it also it is also hosted by a completely different team, which further decentralizes access to Morpho!

Morpho Labs aims to develop the Morpho protocol, its adoption, and its decentralization. Part of that involves integrating Morpho with the best venues.

Instadapp is the leading DeFi smart wallet in the space, and this integration marks a considerable step forward in establishing Morpho as a top-tier protocol.

If you are interested, you can visit the Instadapp interface here defi.instadapp.io . More information on Instadapp is also available at docs.instadapp.io.